Monday, December 17, 2012

Some of my favourite pictures from the year

So this is mostly going to be photos from the year that I like or remind me of a particular moment.  Some of my favourite pictures I have already posted on this blog, so I won't repeat again here.

International Women's Day Celebration

International Women's Day Celebration at ASYV
ASYV intore group getting ready to perform

Backstage watchers

Sports Competitions

ASYV boys volleyball team

All the fans celebrating the boys football team victory

Boys football team and fans after their win!
ASYV girls football team with St. Aloys team

Girls from my family who are on the team

Farm Work

That's alot of beans

Nature Park during Saturday Service

Marie Curie, Steve Jobs families, and environment club at the Nature Park

Marie Curie Family

Peace out with my girls!
The whole Marie Curie family

International Theatre and Literacy Project at ASYV

International Theatre and Literacy Project at ASYV
ITLP at ASYV- Enrichment Students before they presented their sketch


Local wedding for two of the lovely farm workers
 Enrichment Year Picnic
Enrichment Year picnic- with the local kids being enchanted with a very talented musical student

Preparing the veggies for soup

Making a fire for the soup

Helping prepare the soup- meat is a special treat for the ASYV students

Boat ride on Mugesera!

On a boat ride!

Baptism Event

Choir singing for the baptism

Baptism celebration at King Menelik family (Jack's family)

King Menelik family (most of the them)

Natural Building

Part of the Natural Building team

Mixing cement- photo by Nathan

Filling the earth bags- photo by Nathan

Sewing the earthbags shut

Cyprien making the roof

Nature Hut- Photo by Nathan

Jumping on the earthbags to compact them for the benches

Putting the chicken wire around the earthbag benches
Making a new trail to the Nature Hut

Mango Trees with the Environment Club
Mango tree planting with the Environment Club

Mango tree planting with the Environment Club
Girls Football Team
Girls football team after and friendly match with St. Aloys
More pictures from Akagera

The students are crazy for photos! This is why I love this picture so much...take a close look.  How many separate photo shoots are occurring at this moment? 

Nature Park
Chilling at the Nature Park
Saturday Service in the Kitchen 
Sir Ronald Ross and Marie Curie families doing Saturday service in the kitchen

Kitchen service
 Inter-family competition during Grading week in Term 3
Marie Curie family making up a song for this game in the competition
Potato sack race

Ben Guiron family in a human pyramid
Running race (speed walking race for the mamas)
Sporty Mamas

Winner's of the running race


Village Acheivements

 Staff Party

Staff party- there is a alot going on in this photo!

2012 IT team

 The Village